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Type of Pet Practice: Small Animal Companion Animal Hospital/Veterinary Hospital

About Gulfport Veterinarian Gulfport – St Petersburg FL 33707

The goal at  Gulfport Veterinarianlocated in Gulfport – St. Peterbsurg FL, is to be a veterinary animal hospital that can offer complete veterinary pet healthcare services in a professional manner and also still be affordable at the same time.

Our animal hospital is dedicated to serve the residents of Gulfport and St. Petersburg.

Staff veterinarian, Dr. Taylor Ohman has been a St. Pete Vet since 2009 and is dedicated to the well-being of her patients.

Gulfport Veterinarian believes in being completely honest, compassionate, and non-judgmental, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

We will always be informative and honest and strive to do the best job possible.

Yes, we inform our clients, but we also listen them. At Gulfport Veterinarian, we will always respect your decision.

When in comes to our patients, we will go the extra mile. We will fight for your pet and work hard for a successful outcome.

Staff Veterinarian

Gulfport Veterinarian – Dr Taylor Ohman


Dr. Taylor Ohman, DVM, is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and joined the Gulfport Veterinarian animal hospital in July 2009.

Dr. Ohman’s interests include small animal general medicine and a passion for stray feline rescue work, intaylorohmandvm-gulfport-veterinarian-animal-hospitalcluding sterilization procedures, medical care, and preventative medicine with the goal of finding these lovable and deserving felines their forever homes.

As a small animal general practitioner, Dr. Ohman prides her work in providing practical, affordable veterinary medical care with an emphasis on client education.


Dr. Ohman has lived most of her life in Pinellas County Florida, graduating from the IB Program at St. Pete High in 2000 before completing her undergraduate studies in 2004 at the University of Florida attaining a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and minoring in Classical Studies.

Her fur family includes several rescue kitties, two dogs and rabbit.

Dr. Taylor also enjoys traveling, especially on cruises and with her mother. A very memorable cruise was the one to Alaska. Dr. Taylor also enjoys the Caribbean, with its sun, sea and laid back lifestyle.


Taylor Ohman DVM, Staff Veterinarian
Gulfport Veterinarian
Gulfport – St. Petersburg FL 33707


Member: American Veterinary Medical Association

Veterinary Pet Care Services

Gulfport Veterinarian is a full service animal hospital offering the following services


General Wellness and Preventative Medicine




Gulfport Veterinarian - Animal Hopsital St. Petersburg FL 33707 Injection preparationOur animal hospital provides a well rounded and sensible approach to Wellness and Preventative Medicine. We highly recommend a yearly wellness evaluation and physical examination. Routine examinations will help head off many potential serious diseases while they still can be treated. We also believe a sensible preventative vaccination program that fits the patient best. Of course heartworm prevention and flea and tick control are also a mainstay.


Diagnosis – Treatment – Hospitalization

Gulfport Veterinarian St. Petersburg FL 33707 Sick dogWe provide the means for the diagnosis, treatment and/or hospitalization of sick or injured patients, with the best medical and surgical care possible. Administration of injectable and oral medications, intravenous fluid administration, oxygen therapy and tube feeding may be some of the procedures required to treat one of our patients



Surgery (General – Orthopedic – Special)

Surgery - Gulfport Veterinarian animal hospital St. Petersburg FL 33707General Surgery, which includes, but not limited to, routine spays/neuters, tumor removals and other soft tissue procedures can performed on a daily basis.

Most Orthopedic and other specialized surgeries can be performed at the Gulfport Veterinarian animal hospital. We use Onsite Veterinary Surgical Services when needed to provide these services at Gulfport Veterinarain. This prevents us from having to to refer many cases to another specialty animal hospital, and also allows our clients to have these services performed at a reduced fee.

Some of the orthopedic surgeries which can be performed are fracture repair, stifle repair (knee surgery), medial patella luxations, femoral head ostectomies and Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) for cruciate injuries.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiology - Gulfport Veterinarian animal hospital St. Petersburg FL 33707At Gulfport Veterinaian our animal hospital is equipped with the state of the art digital radiography system (x-rays) to obtain very high quality radiographs and produce them in a manner of seconds, for quick reading. Due to the short time to take, process and view the radiographs, there is significant less stress on the patient. We can also electronically transmit the radiographs for review to a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist, if necessary. This gives us of the ability to have a veterinary radiologist at Gulfport Veterinarian, a distinct plus for our ability to provide better care at our animal hospital.

 Prophylactic Dental Cleaning

Gulfport Veterinarian - Animal Hopsital St. Petersburg FL 33707Dog with tooth brushGulfport Veterinarian provides prophylactic dental cleaning services to remove the plague that builds up on your pets teeth. Minimally, this should be done yearly and in some cases every 6 months may be indicated. The plague build up, if left unchecked, will cause gum infction, periodontal disease and the lose of teeth. Only that, but the infected gums can cause bacteria to be absorbed into the blood stream and eventually affect internal organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Preventing this, can lead to much longer and happier life for your pet.

We can also perform simple dental extractions. In needed, surgical intervention to remove the affected tooth can be performed by Onsite Veterinary Surgical Services, thus preventing significant expense if the extraction was performed by a veterinary dentist.

In House Laboratory Services

laboratorytestingGulfport Veterinarian has its own in-house laboratory which provides our animal hospital with the flexibility to carry out necessary laboratory tests, such as complete blood counts,  blood sugar levels, kidney function and liver function. This service provides our patients and clients with quick results and not having to send the blood tests out to an outside laboratory. This also helps reduce the cost for laboratory testing for our Gulfport Veterinarian clients.


In-House Pharmacy

Gulfport Veterinarian Animal Hospital St. Petersburg - Pharmacy

Gulfport Veterinarian also maintains a fully stocked medical pharmacy, so that our clients  have the  convenience obtain the pet’s needed medications at the animal hospital and not have to make another stop before returning home with their pet



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