Bell Shoals Animal Hospital – Brandon FL 33511

1401 Bell Shoals Road
Brandon, FL 33511

Service Area: 33510, 33511, 33512

Phone: 1.813.654.6600

Type of Pet Practice: Small Animal Companion Animal Hospital/Veterinary Hospital

About Bell Shoals Animal Hospital in Brandon Florida 33511

The goal of Bell Shoals Animal Hospital in Brandon is to be a veterinary animal hospital unique to the Brandon area that can offer complete veterinary pet healthcare in an environment that is comfortable and professional. Our veterinary home-like animal hospital is designed to put you and your pets at ease. Bells Shoals Animal Hospital is a change from all the other Brandon animal hospitals

Staff Veterinarian

Brandon Veterinarian, Dr. John Ligori

…veterinarian at Bell Shoals Animal Hospital, is a lifelong resident of the Brandon area, graduating from Bloomingdale High School in 1992.Veterinarian John Ligori Brandon FL 33511

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida in 1996 and working at a local Brandon veterinary animal hospital, Dr. Ligori attended the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and graduated in 2002 with high honors.

Upon graduation, Dr. Ligori worked as an associate veterinarian at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital in Seminole, Florida for 7 years. While at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Ligori gained valuable medical and surgical experience as part of a staff of 5 doctors.

Though he enjoyed his time at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, he decided to fulfill his quest by opening a small animal veterinary hospital in his hometown of Brandon, Florida and becoming a Brandon Vet. Dr Ligori finally reached that goal in 2009. Becoming that Brandon Vet, fulfilled Dr. Ligori’s long time dreamdream.

Dr. Ligori currently resides in Brandon Florida with his wife Erin, and four boys Luke, Jackson, Will, and Rowan. When away from Bell Shoals Animal Hospital Brandon, Dr. Ligori enjoys spending time boating, fishing, surfing and camping with his wife and four boys.

He is a big fan of all Florida Gator sports, his hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rays. Dr. Ligori’s favorite activity though is watching soccer – both professional, international and especially watching his boys play for the VSI Brandon Flames.

John Ligori, DVM, Staff Veterinarian
Bell Shoals Animal Hospital
Brandon FL 323511


Member: American Veterinary Medical Association

 Veterinary Pet Care Services

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital. What does that mean? It means that Bell Shoals Animal Hospital is prepared to diagnose, treat, and hospitalize those patients who are very sick or severely injured and provide the best medical and surgical care available today.

 Preventative Health Care and Vaccinations

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital provides routine vaccinations in accordance with the latest vaccination recommendations of the veterinary profession. Our vaccination program can be tailored to the individual needs of the pet and/or client.

General Surgery

This includes spay-neuter, tumor removals, cystomy and other soft tissue surgeries.


Radiology (x-rays) is an important diagnostic tool which we use routinely at Bell Shoals Animal Hospital.

Prophylactic Dental Cleaning

Prophylactic dental cleaning, to remove that built up plaque, is very important in maintaining the health of your pet. Infected gums with periodontal disease are a source for bacteria to escape into the blood stream and infect the internal organs (heart valves, liver, kidneys, etc).

In House Laboratory

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital maintains its own in house laboratory which provides us with full battery of chemistry profiles and complete blood counts which include a differential. We also perform fine needle aspirate, for cytological examination.

In House Pharmacy

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital keeps stocked a full medical pharmacy so that our clients don’t have to make another stop on the way home, after bringing or picking up their pet from the hospital.

Pet ID Services – Microchipping

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital recommends Pet Identification, through micro-chipping, for all of our patients. We have seen too many lost dogs and cats, without microchips ,being transported to either the Humane Society or Hillsborough Animal Services and not having a microchip. Checking for a microchip is SOP for these organizations and also most veterinary hospitals. Losing a loved pet can be very traumatic to the whole family, especially not knowing what has happened and not knowing if your pet may be injured.

Nutritional Consultation

Bell Shoals Animal Hospital provides a large array of pet food nutritional and diet products that will meet the needs of any patient requiring a prescription diet to manage their medical condition.

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