Pet Wellness Care | An Important Factor for Your Pet’s Health

Wellness care? What are you talking about?

Simply put, doing those things for your pet that are essential in maintaining your pet’s health. This is accomplished primarily through preventative veterinary pet health care. Veterinarians would much rather prevent diseases than having to treat them. It is better for your pet and it is more cost effective for the client.

There are three main cornerstones for Pet Wellness

First, is getting a Wellness Examination every six to twelve months for your pet. At a minimum get a yearly wellness and physical examination. Routine examinations can discover potential health issues before they get serious. Any disease process found can be treated in the early stages and your pet can have a better outcome and be less costly to you. This is no different than us getting our own yearly physical examinations.

The second cornerstone is Pet Vaccinations. There is some controversy over these but in the end the vaccinations prevent diseases, especially the deadly ones such as canine distemper, parvovirus and feline panleucopenia (Feline Distemper). Millions of animals have been saved from suffering and death with the vaccination programs that have been used for decades. If these vaccinations were stopped, the diseases that have been successfully prevented would reappear and kill numerous pets. There would also be an economic burden on the pet owner. We the advances made in vaccines, we are finding that the vaccines don’t have to be given as often. Also, not every vaccination possible needs to be given. Veterinarians are taking in the lifestyle of the pet and formulating individual programs for each pet. However, there are what are “Core Vaccines” for dogs and cats that all pets should have.

Now the third cornerstone for preventing pet diseases, is good Parasite Control/Prevention. Parasites are present in the environment and pets are always going to have the potential for exposure. Testing for these parasites, treating them when they occur and preventing them are all part on the control program. Intestinal worms, fleas and deadly heartworm disease can now be prevented with many products available through your veterinarian. The common need for blood a transfusion in cases of hookworms and/or fleas in rarely seen today.  This is due to the preventative products we have for veterinary care today. The need for expensive, and sometimes fatal, treatment in the case of heartworm disease has also been significantly reduced through the implementation of heartworm preventative products.

Follow the three pillars for your pet wellness, and your pet will have a healthier and longer life with you.

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