Mobile Veterianry Clinics and House Call Vets

Interested in having a mobile veterinarian to provide pet healthcare for your pet? These type of veterinary care practices vary in the services  they provide and how they operate.

Full Service Mobile Veterinary Clinics

First, lets go over the terminology. A mobile veterinarian is any vet that travels to the clients residence to provide veterinary services for their pets. Now there are different degrees of mobile veterinarians. First, the most sophisticated type of veterinary mobile services practice is a mobile veterinary clinic. This type of mobile veterinary care service actually has a large vehicle that is fully equipped and stocked to provide the same services that can be done at a veterinary hospital. Some mobile animal clinics have radiographic capability and even perform dentals and surgeries within the vehicle. The client can bring the pet into the mobile clinic or the veterinarian could go into the residence. Generally, the client brings the pet into the clinic. Support staff are also usually present.

Simple or Basic Mobile Veterinarians

Other mobile vets do not have a large clinic on wheels but have a smaller vehicle that carries the equipment and supplies they need. They go into the residence to provide the services. Generally, they do not do any dentals or surgeries or require anesthesia. They do not have radiographic capability and do not have laboratory equipment to do any blood tests. They can give injections and dispense medication. This type of mobile veterinarian will, or should have, an associated animal hospital or clinic that they can send the pet to, if more involved care is needed.

House Call (Housecall) Veterinarians

A house call (housecall) vet generally limits services to wellness and preventative veterinary care. Physical examinations, parasite control and vaccinations are typical. A house call veterinarian doesn’t use a mobile clinic or hospital on wheels to remove the pet from the home and treat it within a properly built and equipped veterinary vehicle.

Obviously, the cost between these different mobile veterinarians will obviously vary. The overhead in a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic will be significantly higher. Depending on your needs will determine which type of mobile care you will need.

The important thing to remember is that any of these mobile vets can get a patient to the veterinary clinic or hospital if necessary.

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