Choosing a Rabbit Veterinarian


Need a Rabbit Vet or Veterinary Hospital – Clinic?

Rabbits Sometimes Need to See a Veterinarian AlsoBunnies, like any human or other pet, can encounter medical or inury problems that need professional veterinary help. Needless to say, it is essential that you try your darn best to find a good veterinarian prior to  your bunny needs veterinary intervention before an emergency or illness occurs. That means you understand exactly what you must do in an emergency situation.

Not All Vets Treat Rabbits

First of all, be aware that a lot of veterinarians primarily handle canines (dogs) and felines (cats). The vast majority of  practicing veterinarians are not trained or interested in dealing with these unique animals such as bunnies.

Locate a Vet or Animal Clinic – Hospital

To locate a veterinarian in your area that enjoys treating rabbits, there are a variety of  steps you can take. An obvious first step, is to use the phone and talk to veterinarians within your town or city and simply ask them if they see and treat rabbits. If not, ask who they refer individuals with bunnies to. After you have called a number of veterinarians, you will know which vets see rabbits. If they do not treat bunnies then ask the veterinarian who they would recommend. If you see a trend where the vast majority of the vets recommend the same veterinarian, then it is a good sign that the recommended vet could be the right veterinarian to see your rabbit.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Other Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals

You can also call individual veterinarians, who care for rabbits, and ask a selection of questions concerning rabbit pet care and illnesses, that they should understand and be able to give you the proper answers relating to to your questions. As an example, you could ask the vets what their viewpoint about declawing rabbits. Well, an experienced bunny vet would understand that in order to declaw a rabbit one needs to amputate the toes and that the surgery is not indicated and is unnecessary.  You can also inquire about the different kinds of surgery that they have performed on rabbits and what is their success rate and complications they have encountered. There are a number of other valid medical concerns you can and should ask. One question to ask is, “What is the best technique for hairball prevention for a rabbit?” Questions like this will help you select the veterinarian you choose for your bunny.

Try to Get a Backup Veterinarian

Once you have found your primary bunny care vet, be sure to have a second veterinarian, in case your primary vet is unavailable. Veterinarians don’t work 24/7. They are individuals too with families. They require time to take vacations, just have some time off and take care of  personal and business concerns. Therefore, your bunny care vet might not always be available if your rabbit needs to have emergency vet care.


Selecting a veterinarian to take care of your rabbit might require a small amount of time and work. If done properly, you will discover a well qualified professional veterinarian who will do his/her best job to keep your rabbit healthy and safe.

Choosing an Exotic Veterinarian or Veterinary Animal Hospital – Clinic

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