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You Can Ask a Vet Online for Answers to Your Pet Related Questions

Ask a Vet for Online Vet AdviceMost pet owners would not hesitate to pay to take their pet to the veterinarian. But sometimes we don’t know what’s wrong with our pet and won’t without a possible costly visit to the veterinarian – which can quickly add up after diagnosis and treatment! The influence and role, with the advent of the Internet is changing from the traditional roles vets have played.

You might ask yourself – “Oh, man, I need a vet!” or question yourself – “Do I need a vet?” You just may not be sure if you need urgent vet care. Wouldn’t you love to be able to bring the vet to you and get a direct vet consult right on the internet.

This is why it may be valuable to ask veterinary pet health questions to an online vet advice website about your pet’s problems. Of course, sometimes, contacting an online veterinarian, may not be needed if it is clearly an emergency situation – your dog is bleeding or having trouble urinating. Perhaps he’s demonstrating clear indications of pain, or has a hard, distended stomach, a desperate need to “go,” or is constantly whining. In such cases you might want to get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

But there are other times when you may need these vets online for their online veterinary advice. You might consider a web based vet helpline or “hotline”, when you’re just not sure such a visit is necessary and you hate to spend the money for nothing. That is when veterinary Internet web sites, that allow you to ask a vet a question directly online, may become an invaluable tool. On occasions you may want to use such online veterinary pet health question services. After you ask your veterinary questions, you will usually find the answers to be prompt and very helpful. And, based on the response received, from your “vetsonline” service, you will be in a better position to decide if a vet visit is necessary.

Many of these vets online sites even have instant messaging, live responses where you can interact with the vet in real time. Something else I really appreciate about these online answer forums is they display previous questions and answers so you can search and find discussions by those dealing with a similar situation as your own.

Below are just a few examples of some questions to ask an online vet or other veterinarians. All sorts of helpful questions and answers can be answered by your “ask a vet a question” or more simply, “askavet” website.

– Why is my dog panting so much?
– What kind of foods are toxic to my dog?
– Should I have my cat declawed?
– Do I really need to give my dog heartworm medication and why?
– My dog is constantly scratching. Does he have fleas?

Those are just a few questions that can be answered by a vet on line. Either if you are seeking a dog vet online or cat vet online, you get useful information from such pet vet care websites. This is almost having your own “my vet online.”

You might find if you use an ask a vet pet online service that your concerns will be abated. The pet vet online veterinarian will give you a great answer. One that allows you treat your pet at home or tell that you need to seek veterinary medical as soon as possible.
Another time I was assured my dog’s scratching was not due to fleas but an allergy. Some allergy medication cleared the problem right up. Asking an online vet can help you determine what is causing your pet’s uncharacteristic behavior. It’s just another option to which we can turn for information regarding our pet’s welfare.

So next time you are confused by your pet’s scratching, sneezing, whining, barking, peeing, limping or burping, ask “vetsonline”. It may save you a trip to the vets — or it may save a life. There is plenty of vet help online that you can use.

Looking for a 24 Hour Emergency Online Vet?

There are several 24 hr vets on the internet. These web vets provide vet advice which can be accessed 24/7. Some people use these services as an emergency vet. I am not sure that using online veterinary advice as a vet hotline is a good idea as a substitute for a brick and mortar emergency animal clinic. Although the client will get pet advice from the online veterinarian, in certain pet emergency situations a delay in treatment could be detrimental.

The online web veterinarian is certainly capable of assessing the situation, especially when giving internet vet advice for dogs and cats. The problem is that the web vet can not physically examine the pet and the veterinary advice may be incomplete.

If you have a very serious pet related problem, such as your pet being hit by a car or there is some obvious external or internal bleeding, think about it,  should you be spending time online looking for pet veterinarian advice and information. A chat or talk with a vet online and asking a series of questions from the veterinarian may cause a delay in needed emergency veterinary care for your pet. Your web based online talk to a vet will not provide treatment for your pet dog or cat. You would be better off to call a vet directly than spend the time using an internet “24 hour veterinary pet help hotline” for advice on what to do.

Conclusion About Web Veterinary Advice

Using a web vet can be a very useful online service for any pet owner. It is convenient, cost effective, informative and you can have your pet related veterinary questions answered anytime and any day, 27/7.  If you are looking for an online vet diagnosis and treatment options, you can’t beat that type of pet medical health advice from a vet for your dog, cat, kitten, puppy or other pet. However, the use of these wonderful online veterinary advice services for emergency vet advice and questions, may not, in certain situations, be the best answer in a critical pet emergency.

If you are in need of some good and responsive online vet pet information and advice, we recommend using our partner “Just Answers“. They are available 24 hr a day and 7 days a week. Place your “Ask a Vet” question in the comment area of the Just Answer box in the right sidebar and hit the submit button.

If you use Just Answer as your dog, cat or other pet for online veterinary advice, please come back and let us know how your online web vet experience was. We want to be sure you are getting the best service from our partnership and we would like the feedback. At Vets for Pets, we are here to help you and your pet. Just use the comment box under the Just Answer box.

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